Saturday, November 28, 2009

Auction Report: Highlights

Some recent sales:

The results of the Dreweatt's/Bloomsbury London's sale of the collection of the late John Fane (26 November) are here. There were 109 lots of books, the top sellers of which were an imperfect copy of William Faden's A New General Atlas, c. 1818 (sold for £4,000); a lot about 160 titles, of Goethe and other 18th-century volumes, made £4,800; three boxes of 17th and 18th century Greek and Roman classics sold for £5,000; Jean Baptiste Du Halde's A Description of the Empire of China and Chinese-Tartary, 1738-1741, fetched £6,000. A 39-volume run of the London Magazine and Monthly Chronolger (1739-1777) sold for £5,000.

The Sotheby's Paris sale of Books and Manuscripts on 26 November made a total of 993,713 Euros. Full results here. The highest spots were a volume of manuscript correspondence of the Princess Mathilde (96,750 Euros); a Paul Eluard manuscript of Le Temps D├ęborde (78,750 Euros); and a collection of Eluard correspondence (72,750 Euroes).

I've been updating the upcoming auctions list here.