Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Catalogs & Lists

A few interesting new catalogs out this week:

- from Philadelphia Rare Books & Manuscripts, a beautiful list of books about books (my favorite, of course) and a list of post-1820 Americana. I love to read their lists - if there were awards for the best book catalogs/lists (you know, maybe there should be ...) , PRB&M would have to be considered the heavy favorite in many, many categories.

- from Justin Croft, a list of French Books & Manuscripts (PDF).

- from Thomas A. Goldwasser, Americana and World Figures, plus Literature (PDF). The latter includes an 1803 Thomas Jefferson letter priced at $250,000; a copy of Pope's works once owned by Jefferson ($17,500); and a pair of interesting George Washington letters.

- from Lorne Blair, a list of books to be offered at the Boston Book Fair (more on which later this morning). List in PDF.