Sunday, November 01, 2009

Extra Links

I always forget to check the things I've starred in Twitter that week when I'm writing up my links and reviews. Here's what's been lurking there:

- In Library Journal, Gwen Glazer looks at footnotes in fiction. [via @LibraryJournal]

- Susan Spano, writing in the LATimes, tracks Adams and Jefferson's 1786 travels in England. [via @TJMonticello]

- In the Harvard Crimson, Bonnie Kavousi and Esther Yi discuss a task force examining the state and future prospects of Harvard's libraries. Library director Robert Darnton said that "the libraries are being bled to death" by the rising cost of acquisitions, among other things. [via @Jurretta]

- A white paper by SirsiDynix VP Stephen Abram regarding open access and what it means for libraries has stirred up quite a debate; Library Journal summarizes the discussion. [via @dwig and @LibraryJournal]