Sunday, October 25, 2020

Links & Auctions

- An excellent and important acquisitions story from Vince Golden for Past is Present. 

- Over on the Grolier Club blog, a compilation of "Research Resources on Black American Book Collectors and Book Collecting."

- From the BL's Medieval Manuscripts blog, "Angels in Manuscripts."

- Some success stories from the LC's Mystery Photo Contest (with many still left to solve!)

- Over on the APHA blog, "A Golden Hind Artifact."

- It's all "Ottley-Simes-Murray" at Medieval Manuscripts Provenance this week.

- Articles from the first issue of Inscription are now available - and I highly recommend getting a physical copy while they're still available - it's a stunning production!

- New to me (and via Beth DeBold on Twitter), the great WPI Digital Archives site of pre-1945 auction catalogs (including quite a few book sales).

- Richard Ovenden will do a virtual book talk for Princeton about his new book Burning the Books on 16 November.

- From the Princeton Graphic Arts Collection blog, "Don't Touch the Money."

- Very surprising not to see more coverage of the proposed sale of books from the Royal College of Physicians library, mentioned here last week. There was one followup piece in the Times on Friday about a letter from more than 400 RCP members protesting the sale, at least. Let's shine some more sunshine on this, reporters!

Upcoming Auctions

- Early Printed Books at Swann Galleries on 27 October.

- Literature, Science Fiction, Americana, Books in All Fields on PBA Galleries ends on 29 October.

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Links & Auctions

- Rare Books LA continues today over on Getman's Virtual platform - don't miss that!

- I was very sorry to hear of the death of antiquarian bookseller Bob Rubin of Brookline, MA (see his Boston Globe obituary as posted on the Bowdoin College website, forwarded to ExLibris with added remembrances by Garrett Scott). I met Bob years ago when I was living in Boston, and always enjoyed learning from him when we ran into each other at book fairs. I regret that I never had the chance to buy a book from him: I tried for one back in 2007, but it had already sold (and showed up later in a UK dealer's catalog for triple the price). I will miss impromptu breakfasts at the Au Bon Pain on Boylston Street before the Boston shadow show, his great stories, and his thoroughly interesting catalogs.

- The Mills College First Folio sold at Christie's this week for $9,978,000 (including premiums), to Stephan Lowentheil.

- From The Collation, "Introducing the Folger Reference Image Collection" (2,600+ images!).

- Aaron Pratt has a post in the HRC Magazine's "What is Research?" series: "Learning how to read again."

- The ARCA blog has a report on the recovery of the London warehouse theft books.

- Coming up this week, RBS' panel discussion "Race and the Boundaries of the Book" - click the link to watch the seven pre-circulated presentations prior to the live event on 20 October.

- Many congratulations to Lindsay DiCuirci, winner of the 2020 Library Company of Philadelphia First Book Award for Colonial Revivals.

- Over at Medieval Manuscripts Provenance, a two-parter on Felix Joubert: Forger and Collector?

- Hilary Mantel's in the Guardian's "You Ask the Questions" column.

- From UC Davis, "Historians to Digitize Endangered Peruvian Archive."

- The Princeton Graphic Arts collection blog highlights some of their Mame et Compagnie "chocolate box" bindings.

- Mostly paywalled, but there's a report in the Times that the Royal College of Physicians is planning an auction of "non-medical" rare books from the collection bequeathed by the Marquess of Dorchester in 1680.

- Conservator Barbara Adams Hebard takes a look at some wooden bindings in the John J. Burns Library.

- Don't miss the @RareUVA Twitter thread honoring Gayle Cooper on the occasion of her fiftieth year as UVA's Rare Book Cataloger. Huzzah, Gayle!

- Over on the BL's Medieval Manuscripts blog, "Early medieval interlace."

- This month's Middle Temple Library provenance mystery is another good puzzler!

- On the SHARP blog, "On Decolonising Book History."

- From Books & Borrowing, "Broughton House Visit."

- The Bibliographical Society (UK) has announced a couple of upcoming Zoom talks, with more to follow in the spring.

- From Carolien Stolte for the Leiden University Special Collections blog, "The Esperanto textbooks that never were."


- Susanna Clarke's Piranesi; review by Alex Preston in the Guardian.

- Ariel Sabar's Veritas; review by David Conrads in the CSM.

Upcoming Auctions

- Livres anciens du XVe au XIXe siècle at ALDE on 20 October.

- Americana, Travel, and Natural History at Bonhams New York on 21 October.

- Books and Works on Paper at Forum Auctions on 22 October.

- Fine Photographs at Swann Galleries on 22 October.

- Fine Books – Fine Press – Fine Bindings at PBA Galleries on 22 October.

Saturday, October 03, 2020

Links & Auctions

- The October Getman's Virtual fair starts on 6 October at noon.

- Everything on Oak Knoll's website is 20–50% off through 5 October.

- Twelve Romanians held responsible for the January 2017 London warehouse theft of rare books were each sentenced to 3–5 years in prison this week.

- Submissions are now being accepted for the 2020 SHARP DeLong Book Prize.

- Rebecca Rego Barry notes that two Audubon letters about his books are coming up for auction this week at Hindman.

- Over on the Leiden Special Collections blog, Doris Jedamski posts about a recent donation of several letters written during an 18th-century voyage to the Dutch East Indies.

- From the BL's Medieval Manuscripts blog, "The Bamberg Book of Relics."

- Among the Rare Book Monthly articles this month, Clarence Wolf offers a "personal history and perspective" of his decades in the book trade, and Michael Stillman has an obituary note for map collector and scholar Dr. Seymour Schwartz.

Upcoming Auctions

- Printed Books, Maps & Documents, Travel, Science & Engineering at Dominic Winter Auctioneers on 7 October.

- Maps & Atlases at Forum Auctions on 8 October.

- Selections from the Library of Gerald and Barbara Weiner at Leslie Hindman Auctioneers on 8 October.

- Fine Literature – Science Fiction – Illustrated Books at PBA Galleries on 8 October.

- October Sale at Arader Galleries on 10 October.

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Links, Reviews & Auctions

- From Erin Blake for The Collation, "Rediscovering Three-Cornered Notes."

- Over on the BL's Medieval Manuscripts blog, it's the "Great Medieval Bake Off"!

- Mary Yordy writes for the Duke Libraries Preservation blog, "Sewing Models: Pandemic Edition."

- New from the Courtauld Institute, an open-access book edited by Jack Hartnell, "Continuous Page: Scrolls and Scrolling from Papyrus to Hypertext."

- From Maddy Smith for the BL's Untold Lives blog, a look at pre-1620 English colonial settlements in North America.

- A 1634 edition of Shakespeare's "Two Noble Kinsmen" has been identified in the collections of the Real Colegio de Escoceses in Salamanca.

- Michael Caines and Lindsey Tyne write for the Morgan Library & Museum blog about "Taming the Wild Things: Storage Considerations for the Bequest of Maurice Sendak."

- Rachel Fletcher is in the "Bright Young Collectors" spotlight.

- "Fakes and Forgeries" over on the Exeter Working Papers in Book History.

- The AbeBooks podcast talked to the warden of Gladstone's Library this week.

- On the Peter Harrington blog, Tomas Elliott on Leibniz and computing.

- Over on Past and Present, a look at the intensely complicated "Conservation of a Fragmentary Early Menagerie Poster."

- Shira Perlmutter has been named the Register of Copyrights.

- From Neely Tucker for the LC blog, "Darkness and Light: The European World of 15th-Century Woodcuts."

- New from Books & Borrowing, "Eighteenth-Century Borrowing from the University of Glasgow."

- Wolf von Lojewski has written an account of his four-decade quest to collect a complete Nuremberg Chronicle by acquiring disbound leaves (scroll down for the English translation).

- The NYU Abu Dhabi Library has acquired the archive of Egyptian poet/doctor/scientist Ahmed Zaki Abu Shadi.


- Ariel Sabar's Veritas; review by James Lansdun in the LRB.

- Serena Zabin's The Boston Massacre; review by Breck Baumann for the Colonial Review.

Upcoming Auctions

Rare Books, Manuscripts, Maps & Photographs, Including the Trevor Dawson Magic Collection at Lyon & Turnbull on 30 September.

- Fine Literature at Doyle on 30 September.

- Rare Autographs, Manuscripts & Books at University Archives on 30 September.

- Fine Golf Books, Clubs & Memorabilia at PBA Galleries on 1 October.

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Links & Auctions

- First, there was actually a bit of surprising good news this week: the rare books stolen from a London-area warehouse in early 2017 have been recovered intact in the Romanian county of Neamt.

- Some more good news: the next Getman's Virtual event will be the CABS Virtual Antiquarian Book Fair, on 25–27 September.

- And a bit more, even! The winners of the National Collegiate Book Collecting Contest and the Honey & Wax Prize were announced this week.

- The Scottish Borrowers' Registers project will soon include the loans register of Craigston Castle in Turriff, Aberdeenshire.

- The Library of Congress has launched a new tool for searching images in historical newspapers.

- At The Collation, Sujata Iyengar offers "A Guided Tour of an Incunabulum from 1478."

- Rebecca Rego Barry rounds up some new biblio-fiction on the Fine Books Blog.

- On the Shakespeare & Beyond blog, an "Up Close" look at a 1797 caricature of the Shakespeare-forging Ireland family.

- From Medieval Manuscripts Provenance, "The Antiphonary of Marguerite de Baconel."

- Swann withdrew a 16th-century manuscript copy of an order to Cortes and Pedro de Alvorado from their 24 September sale after researchers suggested that it had very likely been stolen from the national archives of Mexico.

- Rosa Lyster writes on "Lost Libraries" for the Paris Review.

- A new virtual exhibition focuses on book edges in the KU Leuven libraries and other Belgian collections.

- "Whacky Victorian Imagery" is the order of the day on the Ephemera Society blog.

- Penn's Workshop in the History of Material Texts now has a YouTube channel, and their first talk of the season, on Milton's copy of Shakespeare with Claire Bourne and Jason Scott-Warren, is now available.

- Rare Book School's "Black Print Culture" discussion from earlier this month is also now online.

Upcoming Auctions

- Books & Manuscripts at Artcurial on 22 September.

- Books and Manuscripts at Il Ponte on 22 September.

- A Further Selection of 16th & 17th-Century English Books from the Fox Pointe Manor Library at Forum Auctions on 24 September.

- Printed & Manuscript Americana at Swann Galleries on 24 September. 

- Americana – Travel & Exploration – World History – Cartography at PBA Galleries on 24 September.

- Fine Books, Manuscripts and Works on Paper at Forum Auctions on 25 September.


Sunday, September 13, 2020

Links & Auctions

- Good news in the Guardian: the T.S. Eliot estate has stepped up with a £20,000 donation to help the Brontë Parsonage Museum in their fundraising appeal.

- Leo Cadogan writes for Early Modern Female Book Ownership on a volume of Dubreuil's La perspective pratique (1663) inscribed by Lady Louisa August Greville.

 - From Natalie Zacek for the Rylands Library blog, "Rylands Reflects: The Founder and the Fortune."

- Over at Bright Young Librarians, it's Erin Schreiner's turn in the spotlight.

- The Middle Temple Library has another provenance mystery for us this month.

- Rebecca Rego Barry has a Q&A with Bradford Morrow about his new novel The Forger's Daughter, a followup to his earlier The Forgers.

- From Manuscripts and More, "A Brief History of a 1474 Epitome Rarum Romanarum."

- Over on the Morgan Library blog, "Looking at Works of Art on Paper: An Overview of Examination and Imaging Techniques."

- IKEA have published a digital collection of their Swedish catalogs going back to the 1950s.

- From the Columbia RBML blog, a look at their recent project to edit their archival descriptions to identify women by their own names rather than as "Mrs. Such-and-Who."

Upcoming Auctions

- Science Books from the Collection of Peter and Margarethe Braune, Part I at Bellmans on 15 September.

- Final Frontier: Space Exploration & Flight Through the Ages - Fact & Fiction at PBA Galleries ends on 17 September.

- Books and Works on Paper at Forum Auctions on 17 September.

Sunday, September 06, 2020

Links & Auctions

- Some great book history seminar series and book talks are happening virtually this fall: the Five College Book History Seminar, Penn's Workshop in the History of Material Texts, and the AAS' PHBAC Virtual Book Talks.

- Kathryn James offers up some Quarantine Reading: Learn to Read Secretary Hand.

- From Henry Widener for the OLL Blog, "Tracing John Locke's path to the Oliveira Lima Library."

- At Early Modern Female Book Ownership this week, the full-page bookplate of Elizabeth Percival.

- On the JHI "In Theory" podcast, Simon Brown interviews Anthony Grafton about Grafton's new book Inky Fingers.

- New! Eighteenth-Century Borrowing from the University of Glasgow.

- Jennifer Farrell will give the APHA Lieberman Lecture on 2 October, "The City is my Religion: A Typographic Memoir." Register here.

- From the Leiden University Special Collections blog, Lavinia Maddaluno on some unpublished draft letters from a Swiss mathematician to Isaac Newton on matters alchemical.

- Devon Eastland writes for the Swann Galleries blog on "Early Printed Books: Old Tombstones."

- Over on the University of St. Andrews Special Collections blog, a Walter Scott letter to George Chalmers from the Marseille Middleton Holloway autograph albums.

- RBSC at Notre Dame highlights a facsimile early modern book they've been making for use in an exhibition.

- From Not Even Past, Aaron Pratt's "Technology in Paper: Interactive Design in Early Printed Books."

- At the Emory University Scholar Blog, Kelin Michael posts on "Illuminating Medieval and Renaissance Materials at Rose Library."

- Also from Emory, news that the Rose Library has acquired the papers of Black Panther Party activist Kathleen Cleaver. 

- September's Rare Book Monthly articles include Bruce McKinney's short interview with David Lesser. 


- Richard Ovenden's Burning the Books; review by Christopher Howse in the Telegraph.

Upcoming Auctions

- Books and Documents on the Independence of Mexico, the First Empire and the First Republic at Morton Subastas on 8 September.

- Printed Books, Maps & Documents, Spanish Books & Manuscripts, The David Wilson Library of Natural History (Part II) at Dominic Winter Auctioneers on 9–10 September.

- Comics & Comics Art Signature Auction at Heritage Auctions on 10–13 September.

- PBA Platinum: Rare Books, Manuscripts & Art at PBA Galleries on 10 September.