Saturday, March 14, 2009

More on Oregon Historical Society

The Oregon Historical Society's board of trustees announced on Friday that they have approved funding for "two additional positions which will enable OHS to provide access to archival collections, rare books, reference materials, and microfilm, in addition to photographs, films, and videos. These additional positions are funded through the end of May and may be renewed if funding is available. This brings total library staffing to the level of 4.5 positions." A new schedule of hours will be posted prior to the end of March.

The board's statement adds: "The Board of Trustees is actively in discussion with various entities about long-term solutions for the library. The Board understands that the library collections are a major resource for scholars and the general public alike. The Board also understands that the dedicated library staff members are an important and irreplaceable asset because of their specialized knowledge of the collections. No one on the Board feels that closure or heavily restricted hours of access to the library is an acceptable long-term solution.

All members of the Board urge citizens to make their views about the library and state funding known to their state legislators. The process of developing the 2009-11 state budget has begun in Salem, and now is the time for action."

The Oregonian has more, including a quote from OHS development and marketing director Sue Metzler: "There was quite a public outcry when access to the library was cut. This is not a situation that anyone likes."

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