Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Survey Concerning Authors' Libraries

Posted on behalf of Richard Oram of the Harry Ransom Center and Joseph Nicholson of Louisiana State University:

As part of an effort to gather data about British and American writers' private libraries for a handbook/reference work, we have created a short survey regarding such holdings in repositories in the U.S., the U.K., and elsewhere. Though the survey's principal objective is to locate the private libraries of British and American writers and collect information about their size and scope, it also requests data about the arrangement, shelving, and use of writers' private libraries in libraries and repositories, as well as citations to scholarly literature about them. A link to the online survey, which is administered through Survey Monkey, appears below.

Your cooperation in completing the survey is immensely appreciated. Though the scholarly significance of the private libraries of writers is widely recognized today, basic information about their location, size, and contents remains elusive. The information you provide could help bring these often hidden collections to light, making them more available for scholarship and study.

Survey link:


I hope all those with applicable libraries in their collections will respond to the survey; it's an important project!

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