Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Followup on Landau Thefts

The Baltimore Sun, which has been doing a very decent job covering the Barry Landau/Jason Savedoff thefts, has another followup piece today about the aftermath of the theft discoveries at the various institutions the duo seem to have hit.

Landau was released from prison last week and allowed to return to his Manhattan apartment, under electronic surveillance. The Sun reports that Landau is "barred from accessing the Internet, cannot keep his passport, can have no contact with museums, can't sell assets without approval and can't have any communication with his co-defendant, Jason Savedoff." Prosecutors had sought to portray Landau as a flight risk and urged a judge not to release him lest he destroy evidence against him, but a judge disagreed.

Landau's accomplice, Jason Savedoff, is reportedly cooperating with prosecutors, and government lawyers have suggested that additional charges against the pair are possible, since "thousands" of documents, some already identified as being from the collections of a variety of institutions in the US and Britain were removed from Landau's apartment.