Sunday, April 01, 2012

Links & Reviews

I spent the last two days at the American Antiquarian Society's "Needs and Opportunities" conference, so watch for some thoughts on that this week, as well as some highlighting of a few of the really neat projects and websites I learned about.

- New site to watch: History of the Book at Harvard.

- Well this is something: the University of Cincinnati's College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning is hosting a show, "Faux Real," featuring more than 90 forgeries of Mark Landis (some given to museums, others sent to the museum specifically for the show). Appropriate that the exhibit opens today!

- From the Harvard Gazette, "Blue, gray, and crimson," on Harvard and the Civil War.

- Launching this week, Forgotten Chapters of Boston's Literary History, a joint project of Boston College, Massachusetts Historical Society, and the Boston Public Library.

- Writing in The Millions, Cory MacLauchlin has an essay about "finding" the lost manuscript of A Confederacy of Dunces.

- Robert Darnton talks about the DPLA with JISC.

- The Audubon "Bird of the Week" at Trinity College is my particular favorite, the Carolina Parrakeet.

- Caleb Crain is doing some great work on the NYPL's plans for drastically changing the library's Central Branch. See his original post, and a followup.

- Rick Gekoski suggests we're now in a "new chapter for rare book collecting."

- From the Johns Hopkins magazine, a surprising story about the unexpected return of a stolen illuminated manuscript.

- Via The Feature, not a new article but an interesting one: "The Encyclopedists," from the February 1868 Atlantic Monthly.

- I haven't had a chance yet to read Craig Mod's "The Digital-Physical" yet, but it's on my reading list for this week.

- Nigel Beale's begun a series on Library and Archives Canada, calling the current state of affairs a "national disgrace." More from Rebecca Rego Barry at Fine Books Blog.


- Peter Carey's The Chemistry of Tears; review by Edmund Gordon in the Guardian.

- Lawrence Powell's The Accidental City; review by Jonathan Yardley in the WaPo.

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