Sunday, June 10, 2012

Links & Reviews

- I've still got to do my June auction notes (it's on the list) but in the meantime, J.L. Bell reports on a great Revolutionary War diary coming soon to an auction near you: Timothy Newell's account of the Siege of Boston, which will be sold at Bonhams on 19 June.

- Brian Cassidy's got a new post up, "Field of Booksellers," about his experiences at the Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar, and recommends it highly.

- Maya Jasanoff won the George Washington Book Prize for Liberty's Exiles (very well deserved, in my view).

- Fine Books Press has published a new edition of Nick Basbanes' A Gentle Madness, with an updated preface.

- The National Library of Sweden has released a list of books [PDF] believed stolen from the library between 1995 and 2004.

- Launched this week,, a project of the Connecticut Humanities Council and CHNM.

- Arnoud Gerits, the president of ILAB, posted a response to the Girolamini Library thefts, which has prompted quite a bit of discussion in the comments thread as well. Another version of the announcement here, without the eBay-comments.

- From the Houghton blog, a John Herschel letter about the Georgium Sidus.

- Over at The Collation, "John Bell, bibliographic nightmare." Plus, the June edition of "What manner o' thing is your crocodile?"

- The Society of Early Americanists' list of recent books on early American topics has been updated.

- There's a crowdsourced transcription project working on the first edition of Johnson's Dictionary. [h/t John Overholt]


- Mark Kurlansky's Birdseye; review by Marie Arana in the WaPo.

- Paul French's Midnight in Peking; review by Joseh Kanon in the WaPo.

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