Sunday, August 18, 2013

Big News!

Links and reviews for this week are coming soon, but before I get to that, I have some exciting personal news to share: as of 1 September, I'm headed down to Charlottesville, VA to take up a new position as Director of Communications and Outreach at Rare Book School. I am impatient to get there and embrace the opportunities and challenges that await, and thrilled to be joining Charlottesville's vibrant biblio-community. I've loved spending the summers there for the last few years, and I'm looking forward to being there year-round and helping to further the mission of RBS.

It's all happened fairly quickly: this week I finalized arrangements for an apartment, and at the moment I'm spending most of my time boxing up my books in preparation for the big move. I've filled 70 of U-Haul's "book boxes" (12"x12"x12") so far, with lots more books to go. Wish me luck!

All this means that there's a job opening at LibraryThing, and I'd certainly encourage interested readers to apply if you like. It's a very fun company to work for and to be involved with, and while I will be switching roles, I will certainly continue to be an active LibraryThing member as well as the coordinator of the Legacy Libraries project there (I think I'll probably have rather more time to devote to those things again, in fact).

So, that's the news from here. More updates from the packing/moving front as warranted.

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peacay said...

Congratulations Jeremy and good luck!