Sunday, June 01, 2014

Links & Reviews

- The Irish Times reports that All Hallows College, Dublin is missing "a sizeable number" of valuable books, manuscripts, and pieces of art, possibly worth as much as €100,000. The small college is planning to cease operations in the near future, and this latest investigation comes just days after the college withdrew a collection of Jackie Kennedy letters from auction.

- At Anchora, Adam Hooks weighs in on the Shakespeare's Beehive business, particularly considering printer Richard Field and the uses made of him by the Beehive authors.

- The June AE Monthly is out, and it features a series on bookselling, booksellers talking about Amazon, and an update on Canadian book thief John Mark Tillman, now reportedly cooperating with police to return some 7,000 stolen artifacts to their rightful homes.

- On NPR, Mark Dimunation discussed his ongoing hunt for the last few titles needed to complete the LC's reconstruction of Jefferson's library.

- From Jerry Morris at Biblio Researching, some good sleuthing into the provenance of one of his books.

- A new list of recent and forthcoming books on early American history is up on the SEA site.

- And over at The Junto, they've announced a summer book club.

- Digital surrogates of more than a thousand manuscripts from the 17th and 18th centuries have now been added to Penn in Hand.


- Fred Kaplan's John Quincy Adams; reviews by Robert K. Landers in the WSJ and David Holahan in the CSM.

- Daniel Levine's Hyde; review by Walter Kirn in the NYTimes.

- James Oakes' The Scorpion's Sting; review by Ira Berlin in the WaPo.

- Michael Waldman's The Second Amendment; review by Garrett Epps in the WaPo.

- Michael Korda's Clouds of Glory; review by Eric Foner in the WaPo.

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