Sunday, January 04, 2015

Links & Reviews

- Americana Exchange has posted their list of the top 500 auction prices paid for books and manuscripts in 2014.

- More details are emerging from the Rosenbach's lawsuit over Maurice Sendak's estate; the value and categorization of some of Sendak's rare books (all supposed to go to the Rosenbach based on his will) is being hotly contested.

- A new book alleges that the Israeli National Library engaged in some decidedly unsavory acquisition practices, according to a report in Haaretz.

- From Sarah Werner, "being a reader, again and still," a lovely personal essay on reading.

- The LATimes reports on contemporary challenges facing bookbinding businesses.

- The first 25,000 texts transcribed as part of the EEBO-TCP Partnership Phase I were released into the public domain in 1 January.

- Danny Heitman writes about E.B. White for the Jan/Feb issue of Humanities.

- John Windle writes for the ABAA blog about a pretty remarkable biblio-find (what he calls a "bibliophilic miracle").

- Over at the AAS blog, a new list of recent publications by AAS members and fellows.

- Also from AAS, Vince Golden writes on the challenges facing would-be printers of Chinese-language newspapers.


- Phyllis Lee Levin's The Remarkable Education of John Quincy Adams; review by Julia M. Klein in the Boston Globe.

- Sven Beckert's Empire of Cotton; review by Thomas Bender in the NYTimes.

- John Merriman's Massacre; review by Mary McAuliffe in the WaPo.

- Heather Cox Richardson's To Make Men Free; review by Jonathan Rauch in the NYTimes.

- Richard S. Dunn's A Tale of Two Plantations; review by Greg Gandon in the NYTimes.

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