Sunday, March 08, 2015

Links & Reviews

- Gérard Lhéritier of Aristophil was taken into custody this week and placed under formal investigation for fraud, on suspicion that he'd been running a very extensive pyramid scheme. He's been released on bail.

- The Digital Humanities Awards for 2014 have been announced.

- A new edition of Trollope's The Duke's Children will reinstate some 65,000 words cut from the original publication.

- Another of the stolen books returned to Italy recently by US authorities had been purchased by Johns Hopkins University, the Baltimore Sun reports.

- Yale Law Library is hosting an exhibit to mark the 250th anniversary of Blackstone's Commentaries.

- Katherine Grandjean talked to the Boston Globe this week about her recent book American Passage: The Communications Frontier in Early New England.

- Dave Gary and Aaron Pratt were instrumental in bringing a collection of ~2,700 VHS tapes to Yale's Sterling Library; the Yale Daily News covers the acquisition.

- The AAS has posted an updated list of recent books and articles by AAS fellows, members, or readers.

- Writing for The Atlantic, Adam Chandler argues that by using a private email system as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton jeopardized the preservation of an accurate historical record.

- Simran Thadani writes for Unique at Penn about a fascinating copy of Edward Cocker's Arts Glory (1669).

- Library Journal reports on the NEH-Mellon Humanities Open Book project, which will fund open-access e-editions of out-of-print scholarly texts.

- From the Provenance Online Project, a copy of The Iliad (probably) owned by both Henry VIII and Edward VI.

- Michele Filgate reports on the ABA's Winter Institute for Buzzfeed: "The Rise of the Independent Bookseller in the Time of Amazon."

- The Junto is hosting another March Madness bracket this year: this time they're pitting primary sources against each other.

- For FB&C, Meganna Fabrega profiled the efforts of Sylvia Holton Peterson and William Peterson to reconstruct the library of William Morris.

- Christianity Today reported on the scheduled sale of books from the Edward Payson Vining Collection by Gordon College.

- Designer Robert Green has posted a digital prospectus of his reconstruction of the Doves Type [pdf].


- The Grolier Club exhibition "Aldus Manutius: A Legacy More Lasting Than Bronze"; review by Steven Heller in The Atlantic.

- Erik Larson's Dead Wake; reviews by Hampton Sides and Janet Maslin in the NYTimes.

- Adrienne Mayor's The Amazons; review by Simon Goldhill in the TLS.

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