Sunday, August 16, 2015

Links & Reviews

- The Ligatus Language of Bindings thesaurus launched this week.

- New (to me, anyway), Primeros Libros, a digital collection of early Mexican imprints.

- Historian Jane Kamensky has been appointed Carl and Lily Pforzheimer Foundation Director of the Schlesinger Library at Harvard.

- Padraig Belton and Matthew Wall, writing for the BBC, ask "Did technology kill the book or give it new life?"

- From the "You Can't Make This Stuff Up" Department: Burger King briefly challenged Trinity College Dublin's attempt to trademark the phrase "BK merchandise" (part of a new effort to market the Book of Kells, a fairly sad state of efforts in and of itself).

- Ken Gloss of the Brattle Book Shop talked to the Writer's Bone podcast.

- Books from the Bristol Central Library will be sold off so that the basement floor of the building can be converted to a primary school. More than 250,000 books are being relocated, some to remote storage and others to be sold.

- The George A. Smathers Libraries at the University of Florida have received a $100,000 supplemental grant from the NEH to support additional digitization as part of the Florida and Puerto Rico Newspaper Project.

- At Books Tell You Why, Audrey Golden interviews Jared Lowenstein about the Borges Collection at UVA.

- New York Review Books is profiled in the NYTimes by Larry Rohter.

- Susan Morris covers the process a book takes when it's added to the collections of the Library of Congress.

- In the WSJ, Lee Siegel comments on the "end of the ambitious summer reading list."

- Martin Hasted's "Cataloguing Bewick's Letters" post for the Wordsworth Trust is well worth a read.

- Rich Rennicks writes about Armed Services Editions for The New Antiquarian, drawing on Molly Guptill Manning's new book When Books Went to War.

- Article seems rather simplistic, but I pass it along for your reference: Peggy McGlone writes about the Library of Congress' James Madison Council in the WaPo.


- Jeffrey Schnapp and Matthew Battles' The Library Beyond the Book; review by Anna Battigelli at Early Modern Online Bibliography.

- Adam Johson's Fortune Smiles; review by Lauren Groff in the NYTimes.

- Dario Fo's The Pope's Daughter; reviews by Ingrid Rowland in the NYTimes and Jenny Hendrix in the WaPo.

- The Penguin Book of Witches, edited by Katherine Howe; review by Diane Purkiss in the TLS.

- Matthew Battles' Palimpsest; review by W. Ralph Eubanks in the WSJ.

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