Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Links & Reviews

- From Amanda Bevan at the British Library's blog, "Shakespeare's Will: A New Interpretation," which contains some key new findings about the document based around recent conservation work.

- Erin Blakemore writes for Smithsonian about the National Collegiate Book Collecting Contest.

- From Exeter Working Papers in Book History, a detailed compilation of information about Gutenberg.

- Alix Christie writes for The Millions on the persistence of physical books.

- Dan Boudreau has a great post at Past is Present on paper marbling.

- At The Collation, Abbie Weinberg puzzles through some scraps of an unsent Henry Folger letter found inside a 1907 auction catalog.

- The New-York Historical Society is cataloging the 12,000 small collections that comprise its American Historical Manuscript Collection, thanks to a grant from the NEH.

- From Peter Miller at the Chronicle, "A New Republic of Letters."

- Ian Spellerberg, author of Reading & Writing Accessories: A Study of Paper-Knives, Paper Folders, Letter Openers and Mythical Page Turners (Oak Knoll) is profiled in Collectors Weekly.

- New from Unique at Penn, a Victorian lady's reading journal.

- Rebecca Rego Barry talks to "The Library Cafe" about her book Rare Books Uncovered.

- Jeremy Mikula writes for the Chicago Tribune about the authorship questions surrounding that Houdini-Lovecraft typescript that resurfaced recently.

- The MSU Map Library received a package in the mail containing several maps with a note "These were taken from the MSU Library many years ago. I'm sorry."

- Kevin Smith writes about the latest ruling in the Georgia State copyright case.

- The April Rare Book Monthly is out, with the usual range of interesting articles.

- From Serge Kovaleski in the NYTimes, a peek into a new book by Robert Wittman and journalist David Kinney about the search for Alfred Rosenberg's diary.

- Adam Smith's books at the University of Edinburgh have been fully cataloged for the first time.

- Public Domain Review Press has announced a new (and quite neat-looking) edition of Lucian's Dialogues of the Gods.

- Elahe Izadi writes for the WaPo about the Newton alchemical manuscript recently acquired by the Chemical Heritage Foundation.

- A chair used by J.K. Rowling when she was writing the first two Harry Potter books sold at auction today for $394,000.

- Jennifer Schuessler writes for the NYTimes about Peter Onuf and Annette Gordon Reed's new book Most Blessed of the Patriarchs: Thomas Jefferson and the Empire of the Imagination.


- James Traub's John Quincy Adams: Militant Spirit; review by Joseph J. Ellis in the NYTimes.

- Louisa Thomas' Louisa: The Extraordinary Life of Mrs. Adams; review by Joanne Freeman in the NYTimes.

- Tim Blanning's Frederick the Great; review by Steve Donoghue in the CSM.

- Elaine Showalter's The Civil Wars of Julia Ward Howe; review by Carol Bundy in the WaPo.

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