Sunday, July 17, 2016

Links & Reviews

- Georgianna Ziegler writes for The Collation about a recent Folger acquisition, a volume which contains what is for now the earliest known reference to a Shakespeare volume in America. I used the photo from the post to make a quick LibraryThing catalog of Edward Dale's books (there are a few still to be added once the book comes off display and we can get images of the titles written in the gutter).

- The UK government has placed a temporary export bar on a jewelled prayer-book once owned by Fran├žois I of France; British institutions now have the opportunity to raise £8 million to match the price offered by an overseas buyer.

- SHARP's annual conference starts tomorrow in Paris - good luck to all the presenters, and I look forward to the tweets and recaps!

- Also coming up this week (starting tonight) is the annual Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar (CABS): Lisa Baskin will give the keynote address and Don Lindgren is this year's specialty dealer.

- Over American Book Collecting, Kurt Zimmerman listens to Bill Reese's recent Rare Book School lecture (available here, or search "Rare Book School" in your preferred podcast delivery system) and then finds a fascinating association copy on his bookshelves!

- Matthew Kirschenbaum talked to Manuel Portela about Track Changes.

- Dan Cohen has posted an updated take on why we're seeing a decline in e-book sales.


- Geoffrey Cowan's Let the People Rule; review by Thomas Curwen in the LATimes.

- Ritchie Robertson's Goethe and The Essential Goethe (ed. Matthew Bell); review by Osman Durrani in the TLS.

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