Monday, August 29, 2016

Links & Reviews

- The Echoes from the Vault blog is beginning a series on Victorian cloth bindings.

- Ever wondered about the differences between "uncut," "unopened," and "untrimmed"? Erin Blake's got you covered at The Collation.

- The fall Book History Seminar at Yale, "Inevitabilities of the Book," is coming up on 9–10 September. Looks like a great lineup.

- Mary Sarah Bilder talked to Mark Cheatham for the SHEAR blog about her book Madison's Hand.

- Jane Raisch writes for the JHIBlog on "The Hellenism of Early Print."

- A manuscript account by Granville Sharp of an important 1781 slave ship massacre has been identified in the British Library.

- The New Haven Register reports on the impending reopening of the Beinecke Library.

- The William Blake Gallery will open in October in San Francisco.

- The Bookhunter on Safari posts about publisher W.J. Adams, "the almost wholly forgotten man behind the story of Bradshaw's Railway Guides."

- Phillip Lopate writes for the American Scholar about the process and pain of selling his papers to Yale.

- From John Schulman, "An Antiquarian's Guide to the Election."

- Charlotte Howsam's dissertation on medieval book fastenings is now available via

- Lauren Young writes about the "library wars of the ancient world" for Atlas Obscura.

- In the New Yorker's "Daily Shouts," feature, Janet Manley highlights "Rare Books for sale, excellent condition."

- Penguin Classics is publishing a collection of ancient Egyptian writings in English for the first time.

- Keith Houston has a short feature for the BBC, "The mysterious ancient origins of the book."


- John Dixon's The Enlightenment of Cadwallader Colden; review by Christopher Minty at The Junto.

- Forrest Leo's The Gentleman; review by Michael Dirda in the WaPo.

- Emma Smith's Shakespeare's First Folio; review by Jonathan Rose in the WSJ.

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