Sunday, December 30, 2018

Links & Reviews

Here's a last roundup of bookish things for 2018:

- A trove of books and other works will actually enter the public domain on 1 January(!). See the Center for the Public Domain's post, Alexandra Alter's NYT piece, as well as the Public Domain Review's "Class of 2019."

- Penn Libraries have acquired the Geoffrey Day collection of Sterneiana. Rebecca Rego Barry has a bit more on why bibliophiles love Tristram Shandy, too.

- Over on the APHA blog, a recap of one of the panel discussions at their conference this fall, on reconsidering the definitions of "watermark" and "paper."

- Just a couple "year in review" posts: Peter Steinberg recaps his Year of Plath, and Sarah Werner writes about her year in "reading when you are crumbling."

- Beth Jarret from AAS is highlighted in the FB&C "Bright Young Librarians" series.


- Victorian Fairy Tales, edited by Michael Newton; review by Michael Dirda in the WaPo.

Quiet on the auction front this week.

Happy New Year, all!

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