Sunday, April 05, 2020

Links & Auctions

If you can support your favorite bookstores and booksellers and publishers in any way during all this, please do. It's rough out there. Oh, and if you're a library administrator, close the library for now, please.

Courage, friends.

- Probably inevitably, London Rare Books School has cancelled its sessions for 2020.

- The Sammelband post for April is "Teaching Materiality with Virtual Instruction." 

- Over in the Ransom Center blog, "Picturing the Plays of Shakespeare and His Contemporaries."

- Scott Ellwood has a post on the Grolier Club's blog about what seems to be Sir Thomas Phillipps' earliest book catalogue.

- Don't miss Aaron Pratt's "Sometimes You Want Your Blank Blank."

- From the Middle Temple Library blog, "Provenance Mysteries: Injury by Beard."

- Some great, timely character sleuthing by Keith Houston at Shady Characters in "Miscellany No. 87: A Coronavirus Conundrum."

- The Bewick Society blog highlights a new book by Nigel Tattersfield, Dealing in Deceit: Edwin Pearson of the 'Bewick Repository' Bookshop, 1838–1901.

- From Laura Cleaver at History Matters, "The Sauce of the Middle Ages."

- Elizabeth Ryan writes for the Stanford Hidden Treasures blog, "Encounters with Binder's Waste in Stanford Libraries' Conservation Department." 

- From Penn's Special Collections Processing blog, Cory Austin Knudson offers "Some Thoughts on my Favorite Dissertation Ever Written."

- April's Rare Book Monthly articles are up.

Upcoming Auctions (online)

- Jiao Bingzhen Album at The Potomack Company on 8 April.

- Fine Books and Manuscripts at Potter & Potter on 18 April.

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