Sunday, May 10, 2020

Links & Auctions

- IOBA, the Independent Online Booksellers Association, has announced a Virtual Book Fair for 15–17 May, with "doors opening" at 1 p.m. ET on Friday.

- The ABAA will also hold a virtual book fair, from 4–7 June, and London's Firsts fair will be held virtually on 5 June starting at 2 p.m. UK time.

- Over on the NLS blog, "Delivering a Bestseller: Culpeper and Midwifery."

- From the Cambridge University Special Collections blog, Francis Young writes about a thirteenth-century poem marking the construction of Salisbury Cathedral. And their conservation department highlights some treatments being undertaken on some parchment deeds.

- At the Junto, "Early American Women Unmasked."

- Devon Eastland writes for Swann on "Introduction to Bookbinding: Folding & Sewing."

- From Caroline Duroselle-Melish for The Collation, "A Red Proof Sheet Used as Printer's Waste."

- Over on the Grolier Club blog, "Finding Our Marbles."

- Also at The Collation, Drew Thomas on "Following the Trail of Counterfeits in the Folger's Reformation Collection." False imprint detective work!

- The Middle Temple Library is trying to identify the annotator of their 1566 Copernicus.

- The Open University's History of Books and Reading Seminar has started a blog series on "Reading and Wellbeing."

Upcoming Auctions

- English Literature, History, Children's Books, and Illustrations at Sotheby's ends on 12 May.

- Rare Golf Books, Memorabilia & Ephemera at PBA Galleries on 14 May.

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