Sunday, October 25, 2020

Links & Auctions

- An excellent and important acquisitions story from Vince Golden for Past is Present. 

- Over on the Grolier Club blog, a compilation of "Research Resources on Black American Book Collectors and Book Collecting."

- From the BL's Medieval Manuscripts blog, "Angels in Manuscripts."

- Some success stories from the LC's Mystery Photo Contest (with many still left to solve!)

- Over on the APHA blog, "A Golden Hind Artifact."

- It's all "Ottley-Simes-Murray" at Medieval Manuscripts Provenance this week.

- Articles from the first issue of Inscription are now available - and I highly recommend getting a physical copy while they're still available - it's a stunning production!

- New to me (and via Beth DeBold on Twitter), the great WPI Digital Archives site of pre-1945 auction catalogs (including quite a few book sales).

- Richard Ovenden will do a virtual book talk for Princeton about his new book Burning the Books on 16 November.

- From the Princeton Graphic Arts Collection blog, "Don't Touch the Money."

- Very surprising not to see more coverage of the proposed sale of books from the Royal College of Physicians library, mentioned here last week. There was one followup piece in the Times on Friday about a letter from more than 400 RCP members protesting the sale, at least. Let's shine some more sunshine on this, reporters!

Upcoming Auctions

- Early Printed Books at Swann Galleries on 27 October.

- Literature, Science Fiction, Americana, Books in All Fields on PBA Galleries ends on 29 October.

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