Sunday, November 30, 2008

Book Review: "Uncollected Stories"

Iin 1982, Doubleday released an edition of Arthur Conan Doyle short stories collected by John Michael Gibson and Richard Lancelyn Green as The Unknown Conan Doyle: Collected Stories. These thirty-three pieces are a hodgepodge of Conan Doyle's writings, with the majority of them dating from the early years of his career. Some of them have been collected since in other compilation volumes, but others of them I read for the first time here. They range widely in tone, topic and genre, which makes this volume a good one for dipping into when in need of a quick Conan Doyle fix.

The stories are preceded by a lengthy introduction by the editors which provides the publication history of each (sometimes quite complicated) with additional commentary.

There's a little something for everyone here, from tales of the dusty outback to very funny satires, cases of mistaken identity, and counterfactual histories.


Patricia said...

Any chance you know what the title of the "companion volume containing [Doyle's] articles from the British Journal of Photography" referred to on page xxiii of the Introduction? Much obliged if you do.

Patricia said...

To answer my own question it is "Essays on Photography" by Arthur Conan Doyle compiled by the same authors. Thanks anyways. Great review!