Sunday, November 23, 2008

Links & Reviews

- From BibliOdyssey, a very cool collection of board game images.

- Bookseller Steven Schuyler has an excellent dispatch from the Boston Book Fair over at

- Polish archaeologists have identified the remains of Nicholas Copernicus, partially based on a DNA comparison of bones buried in Frombork Cathedral with hairs taken from a book from Copernicus' collection now at Uppsala University.

- In the Boston Globe, Rebecca Tuhus-Dubrow writes on the current debate over whether the Internet is having a "narrowing effect" on scholarly research.

- The BL's Sloane Printed Books catalogue is now (partially) online - basically a Legacy Library done differently. You can't browse? What madness is this?

- Philly's mayor is trying to close 11 branch libraries, and yesterday people took to the streets in protest.

- Richard Cox has an excellent and very timely short essay on books and their future.

- Ian used the new online doohickey Typealyzer to test out a few book-blogs, including this one.

- Friday was Voltaire's birthday, and the NYPL's Jessica Pigza marked the day with a relevant post.

- From Paul Collins, some very cool botanical sample books, a pointer to his Slate piece on mailmen who don't deliver the goods, and a note that his forthcoming book, The Book of William: How Shakespeare's First Folio Conquered the World, is now available for preorder on Amazon. It's set for release in July.

- For the WSJ, Corinna da Fonseca-Wollheim lists a few rare books on early America.

- The OCLC Wars continue, and Jessamyn points out a very good rundown of the case over at Stefano's Linotype.

- Nina Burleigh was on NPR this week talking about her book on biblical forgeries, Unholy Business.


- In the NYTimes, Steve Jones reviews Bert Hölldobler and E. O. Wilson's new book, The Superorganism.

- In the Washington Post, David Brown has a review and discussion of John Hessler's The Naming of America.

- In the NYRB, Tim Flannery reviews Richard Fortey's Dry Storeroom No. 1. [not full-text online]

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