Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Fun: Literary Ice Cream

What could be better than a library-themed Ben & Jerrys ice cream flavor, right? Well, if a certain Facebook group has its way, that flavor could be coming soon. Lots of suggestions for what to call the flavor have been tossed around this week, so in case you've missed the posts, I wanted to round them up and spread the word (my colleagues and I have been having great fun thinking up additional names - testing the library/literary punning skills is always enjoyable!).

- Stephen Gertz at Book Patrol got the ball rolling, posting about the Facebook group and urging readers to submit flavor suggestions and to support funding for their local libraries (always a good idea).

- Menachem Kaiser at The Book Bench weighed in from The New Yorker, throwing out some additional suggestions.

- Alison Flood of The Guardian joined the fracas, reporting that Ben & Jerrys officials aren't at all opposed to the idea. Flavor guru Andy Carbone told her "From Cherry Garcia to Bohemian Raspberry, some of our best-loved flavours have been fan suggestions. We've honoured rock'n'roll icons, so why not librarians?"

- And Elizabeth from Reading Copy posted yesterday with some more good flavor names (more literary than library, but no matter).

I think Gooey Decimal System seems to have the edge at the moment, and as a friend pointed out to me, the possibilities for playing that up on the packaging, &c. are endless! (yes, Dewey has its limitations, &c., but you gotta love the pun). Anyway, join the fun - suggest away!

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