Sunday, July 12, 2009

Links & Reviews

- Police say that the investigation into the murder of book collector Rolland Comstock (July, 2007) is continuing. Green County, Missouri sheriff Jim Arnott said that authorities are still awaiting lab results and re-analysis of certain evidence related to the case. One detective is devoted solely to solving Comstock's murder, Arnott said. More via KSPR.

- In Slate, Paul Collins examines the life and legacy of Wycliffe A. Hill, "the man who invented
the Hollywood schlock machine."

- A British bookselling newsletters, Sheppard's Confidential, solicited suggestions this week for a collective noun for a group of booksellers. The blog passes along the list. This is a bit of a spin-off from the group of librarians list posted here back in 2008.

- The obscure Jefferson reference of the week goes to Jeff Pasley's correspondent at Publick Occurrences, for this.

- Yesterday was the 200th anniversary of John Quincy Adams' 42d birthday. In a post at The Beehive, I highlight his diary entry from that day, and offer a sneak peek to JQA's next adventure.


- In the WaPo, Ron Charles reviews Laurie Scheck's A Monster's Notes.

- Hobson Woodward's A Brave Vessel gets top billing in the Boston Globe "Shelf Life" column today, and is reviewed by Patricia Hagen in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

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