Sunday, November 28, 2010

Links & Reviews

- Ellen Gamerman wrote in yesterday's WSJ about the upcoming (7 December) sale of the Hesketh Birds of America, profiling some of the potential bidders.

- Don't miss the lovely and oh-so-true "Confessions of a Book Fiend" comic by Grant Snider.

- From BibliOdyssey, a selection of marbled paper designs.

- Robert Darnton calls on Google to contribute books they've scanned as the foundation of a Digital Public Library of America.

- A stolen book is recovered when the thief tries to sell it to a watchful bookseller.

- In today's Globe, a short piece on the importance of independent bookstores to local authors.

- Also in the Globe, word that a new book (to be published next year) seeks to flesh out the biography of Lizzie Borden and "get beyond" the famous crime for which she's best known.

- Writing in the Guardian, Rick Gekoski has an essay on the use of the word "wicked" and on being offered a copy of the famous "Wicked Bible."

- Passed along this week via Twitter, a good list of Latin words commonly found in book imprints.

- Ann Blair writes on early information overload in this weekend's Globe, drawing from her new book Too Much to Know.

- Canadian archaeologists say they're getting closer to finding the wreckage of the HMS Terror.

- The JFK Library has nearly completed the first phase of a $1o million project to digitize Kennedy materials: hundreds of thousands of digitized documents are to be released in January.

- In The Daily Beast, Andrew Roberts mythbusts the new movie "The King's Speech."


- Jay Parini's The Passages of H.M.; review by Megan Marshall in the NYTimes.

- Eric Foner's The Fiery Trial; review by Fred Kaplan in the WaPo.

- Edmund Morris' Colonel Roosevelt; review by Geoffrey C. Ward in the NYTimes.

- David Ulin's The Last Art of Reading; review by Christopher Beha in the NYTimes.

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