Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"Goblin Market" Census Query

Posted on behalf of Elaine Gilboy, since I love book censuses and try to assist in them however I can. She stresses that she is looking only for first editions that are not listed in WorldCat. Please contact her directly (though if you email me or put comments on this post I'll make sure they get to her).

" I am conducting a survey of the first edition (1862) of Christina Rossetti's Goblin Market.

I have already surveyed copies held by every Library and Institution on worldcat or with an online catalogue finding 104 of the 750 copies published so far, and I am now trying to trace privately held copies.

I have placed a request in The Book Collector magazine but would appreciate any help or ideas about how to track down other copies.

I would like to know if the copies contain any ownership information, (inscription, bookplate, library stamp, etc.) found inside the volume, a brief description of the binding and whether the copy contains adverts. My email address is

Many thanks, Elaine Gilboy"

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