Sunday, January 09, 2011

Links & Reviews

Happy Sunday from San Diego, where ALA Midwinter continues apace! Apologies for the abbreviated L&R this weekend; I'll catch up more next Sunday.

- In the NYTimes, Paul Collins identifies the writer of the first detective novel.

- Over at the Princeton Rare Books blog, Steve Ferguson writes on the dispersal of the book collection(s) of Sylvia Beach.

- Raymond Scott has now said he will launch an appeal against his conviction and sentence.

- The OED is offering a month's free trial to their online version, good through 5 February only.

- J.L. Bell notes the major mistake made this week during the symbolic reading of the Constitution by the new House of Representatives (hint: they skipped a page).

- Zotero welcomed Debbie Maron as their new Community Lead.

- In the Boston Globe, Katherine Powers takes a look at some books on the King James Bible, published 400 years ago. There's more on the KJV from Peter Ross in The Scotsman.

- Also in the Globe, Erica Noonan writes on Rob Martello's new book Midnight Ride, Industrial Dawn, which looks at Paul Revere as an industrial pioneer.

- The Little Professor reviews the new movie "The King's Speech."


- James Shapiro's Contested Will; review by David Evans in the Independent.

- A Dodo at Oxford; review by Nick at Mercurius Politicus.

- Graham Moore's The Sherlockian; review by Diane White in the Boston Globe.

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