Sunday, May 08, 2011

Links & Reviews

- From BibliOdyssey, some 18th and 19th-century writing blanks.

- Over at Notes for Bibliophiles, a neat look at "analog ASCII art"

- I quite like how Whitney Trettien incorporates Twitter and illustrations into her blog posts: here's a good example from this week, about aspects of book/print culture which may resist digitization.

- Something I didn't know (thanks to @mercpol for the tip): the first 55 volumes of Studies in Bibliography are available for free online.

- Launched this week, Archive, a new open-access journal on archives in the digital age.

- A blog post, on historically-important call slips at the NYPL, launched a long discussion on Ex-Libris and in the comments thread about the appropriateness of releasing researchers' call slips.

- An unfinished Scots dictionary compiled by James Boswell has been rediscovered at the Bodleian Library, after having been incorrectly cataloged. Lexicographer Susan Rennie, who made the find, has started a new site to highlight Boswell's effort.

- Australian book collector Iain Herriot's library will be auctioned for charity today in Brisbane.


- Andrea Wulf's Founding Gardeners; review by Paula Deitz in the NYTimes.

- Joshua Kendall's The Forgotten Founding Father; review by Nicholas Basbanes in the LATimes.

- Daniel Richter's Before the Revolution: America's Ancient Pasts; review by Charles C. Mann in the WSJ.

- Arthur Phillips' The Tragedy of Arthur; review by Daniel Ulin in the LATimes.

- Geraldine Brooks' Caleb's Crossing; review by Abigail Deutsch in the San Francisco Chronicle.

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