Monday, May 30, 2011

Links & Reviews

- An update on what's happening with the Digital Public Library of America.

- The Bayerische Staatsbibliothek in Munich is digitizing its extensive collection of bookplates: check out the first bunch here.

- Catalogers made a really neat find in Sir Walter Scott's library recently: "The Grotesquiad," a 9,000-word poem by James Beattie.

- From the NYTimes, a look at trends and takeaways from BEA.

- Some interesting (and possibly very big) metadata news from the Library of Congress.

- Lambuth University (soon to close) sold off its book collection and other items at auction this weekend.

- A profile of the Voynich Manuscript ran last week in the Telegraph.

- Huge congratulations to the team at Transcribe Bentham: they received an Award of Distinction in the Digital Communities category of the Prix Ars Electronica.


- Joshua Kendall's The Forgotten Founding Father; review by Jesse Sheidlower in the NYTimes.

- David McCullough's The Greater Journey; reviews by Stacy Schiff in the NYTimes; Janet Maslin in the NYTimes; Wendy Smith in the LATimes.

- Geraldine Brooks' Caleb's Crossing; review by Susan Salter Reynolds in the LATimes;

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