Sunday, June 12, 2011

Links & Reviews

Pardon the brevity this week: he second RBS session begins tonight, so there's much to be done.

- From Steve Ferguson at Princeton, an update on the provenance of certain John Witherspoon books. I've indicated the changes in Witherspoon's LT catalog.

- The British Library launched a 19th Century Books app this week.

- From Mercurius Politicus, a neat look into the parish record research process.

- The second THATCamp New England will be held on 22 October at Brandeis University.

- From Houghton, some newly-digitized goodies, including the printer's copy for the Aldine edition of Aristotle's works.

- An interesting piece by Brewster Kahle on the Internet Archive's physical archive of books, which he sees as something akin to a "seed bank."

- There was no indictment this week in the Rolland Comstock case. The Greene County, MO grand jury took no action related to the still-unsolved murder.

- A new issue of "Republics of Letters" is up, featuring an essay by Roger Chartier, among others.


- Christopher Krebs' A Most Dangerous Book; review by Cullen Murphy in the NYTimes.

- Jane Brown's The Omnipotent Magician; review by John Barrell in the TLS.

- John Sayles' A Moment in the Sun; review by Tom LeClair in the NYTimes.

- Erik Larson's In the Garden of Beasts; review by Dorothy Gallagher in the NYTimes.

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