Sunday, September 04, 2011

Links & Reviews

Sorry for the delay this week; no internet connection this morning meant I got some reading done.

- The September Fine Books Notes is out, featuring an interview with longtime Americana dealer Norman Kane, a piece on Yukon maps, recent auction highlights, and more.

- Also up, this month's Americana Exchange Monthly, which looks ahead to some of the fall's auctions, profiles Vic Zoschak's reference workshops, &c.

- Steve Ferguson's got a mustn't-miss post up about Elkanah Settle's presentation bindings.

- Ed Pettit's going to devote 2012 to reading all of Dickens' works: follow along here, or on Twitter at @ReadingDickens.

- The NYTimes covered what seems to be a diminished market for mass-market paperback editions of books.

- On NPR this week, Simon Garfield talked about his new book Just my Type.

- In the September Believer, Paul Collins writes on a very odd trend in late-50s-model Chrysler cars: hi-fi turnstables!

- At The Collation, Jim Kuhn's begun a series of posts on various handy Folger Library tools with an introduction; start following along!

- Lev Grossman writes in the NYT's "The Mechanic Muse" column about scrolls, codices, and e-reading.

- In case you missed it this week, check out 60 Minutes with Shakespeare, in which 60 scholars talk for a minute (or so) apiece about som aspect of Shakespeare and the "authorship controversy." And for more Shakespeare on the radio, check out Folger curator Owen Williams and editor Barbara Mowat's appearance on the Kojo Nmandi show.

I didn't see any particularly noteworthy reviews this week.

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