Sunday, September 11, 2011

Links & Reviews

Either it was a reasonably quiet week or I wasn't paying enough attention (probably the latter).

- JSTOR announced this week that ~500,000 articles from 200 journals (pre-1923 in the US, pre-1870 from other countries) will be made freely available.

- I'll just second Sim's comments on the current Rare Book School fundraising campaign. Give if you're able.

- Project Gutenberg founder Michael Hart died at the age of 64. NYTimes Obit.


- Andrew Graham-Dixon's Caravaggio: A Life Sacred and Profane; review by Michael Dirda in the WaPo.

- Simon Garfield's Just my Type; review by Wes Bausmith in the LATimes.

- Nigel Cliff's Holy War; review by Eric Ormsby in the NYTimes.

- Sylvia Nasar's Grand Pursuit; review by Alana Samuels in the LATimes.

- Willard Sterne Randall's Ethan Allen; review by Adam Tschorn in the LATimes.

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