Sunday, October 09, 2011

Links & Reviews

- Former NARA curator Leslie Waffen entered a guilty plea this week, admitting that he stole nearly 1,000 early recordings from the National Archives, selling some on eBay (going as far back as 2001). Sentencing won't occur until next March.

- In today's Washington Post, a review of the Folger Library's "Manifold Greatness" exhibit, marking the 400th anniversary of the KJV.

- The October Fine Books Notes is out!

- Sarah Werner had a great post this week about women printers in early modern England.

- Over at 8vo, Brooke Palmieri highlights a wonderfully curious 1610 pamphlet, Rowland Vaughan's Most Approved and Long experienced Water-Workes.

- Erin Blake, writing at The Collation, examines the (wrong) assumption that copperplate illustrations indicate a higher-quality publication.

- Candice Millard talks to the CSM about her new book, Destiny of the Republic.

- From the Society of Early Americanists, recent and forthcoming publications of interest to early American historians.


- Sylvia Nasar's The Grand Pursuit; review by Justin Fox in the NYTimes.

- Ken Jennings' Maphead; review by John J. Miller in the WSJ.

- Lawrence Wechsler's The Uncanny Valley; review by David Ulin in the LATimes.

- Claire Tomalin's Charles Dickens: A Life; reviews by Tom Sperlinger in the Independent and Judith Flanders in the Telegraph.

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