Monday, October 17, 2011

Links & Reviews

Delayed links and reviews for this week, since I was away for the weekend (my sister got married!)

- Fine Books Blog starts a new series of short interviews with young booksellers by profiling Teri Osborn of William Reese Company.

- Jen Howard covers last week's ARL annual meeting.

- An important post from Dan Gregory on the Between the Covers blog, "The Closing of the American Bookstore."

- David Twiston Davies writes in the Telegraph about his decision to sell his book collection at auction.

- James Shapiro has an essay in the NYTimes about "Anonymous," Roland Emmerich's soon-to-open movie about the Shakespeare "authorship controversy."

- From Steve Ferguson at Princeton, Digitizing the Lapidus Collection, announcing digital versions of more than 150 books and pamphlets on liberty and the American Revolution.

- Nigel Farndale writes in the Telegraph about bookshelf-browsing and "showing-off" books.

- Missed from last weekend (and a must-read): Alexandra Horowitz asks in the NYTimes "Will the E-Book Kill the Footnote?"

- Jen Howard writes for the CHE on authors' fears about what happens when their goes online.

- The Digital Public Library of America's website is now live.

- From the NYTimes, a look at how Amazon's now cutting out publishers and working directly with authors.

- Candice Millard talked to NPR about her new book Destiny of the Republic.

- Over at The Collation, Carrie Smith covers the great Tonson/Walker dispute over Shakespeare copyrights.


- Stephen Greenblatt's The Swerve; review by Troy Jollimore for CSM.

- Dava Sobel's To Make a More Perfect Heaven; reviews by Helen Brown for the Telegraph and Mike Brown for the Washington Post.

- Three recent books on books in 18th-century Britain; review by Richard Sher at Reviews in History.

- Lawrence Wechsler's Uncanny Valley; review by David Ulin in the LATimes.

- Denise Gigante's The Keats Brothers; review by Christopher Benfey in the NYTimes.

- Jon Paul Stevens' Five Chiefs; review by Jim Newton in the LATimes.

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