Sunday, January 08, 2012

Links & Reviews

- Over at "Cardiff Book History," Rhys Tranter interviews Robert Darnton about the future of books.

- New feature at the Houghton Library blog, "You've Got Mail," kicks off with a letter from Samuel Johnson to Hester Thrale.

- The Guardian covers that strange case of forged Ibsen works that I've mentioned here before.

- Don't miss "The Public Practice of History in and for a Digital Age," new AHA president William Cronon's first Perspectives on History column.

- The University of Georgia's new special collections building is now open for business.

- Vin Carretta's recent talk at the Mass Historical Society about his new Phillis Wheatley bio is now online. And this week, I added a Phillis Wheatley Legacy Library to LibraryThing.

- A must-read post at Typefoundry, "Type held in the hand."

- Johann Froben's publications are highlighted at The Private Library.

- Ian Maxted writes on the Baring-Gould library, with images of bookplates and inscriptions.

- Jennifer Howard expertly covers recently scholarship on the King James Bible.

- In the NYTimes, Anne Trubek explores "Why Authors Tweet."


- Umberto Eco's The Prague Cemetery; review by Sinclair McKay in the Telegraph.

- Dava Sobel's A More Perfect Heaven; review by San Kean in the NYTimes.

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