Sunday, January 29, 2012

Links & Reviews

Good morning from the train back to Boston after a very successful Bibliography Week.

- From Res Obscura, images from Heinrich Khunrath's alchemical work Ampitheatrum Sapientiae Aeternae, with some very useful background.

- The Fine Books Blog "Bright Young Things" series continues with a profile of Brian Cassidy (whose blog you should be reading, if you're not already).

- Mark O'Connell posted "The Marginal Obsession with Marginalia" this week on the New Yorker book blog.

- A new web magazine, American Circus, has recently come to my attention; the articles so far are promising, and by subscribing you'll get email notification of new issues. Worth a read, certainly.

- Over on The Collation, Sarah Werner posts about how two students looked at the same book and saw very different things.

- Konrad Lawson highlights some crowdsourced transcription projects in the Chronicle, and a new one launched this week from NARA.

- Writing for Slate, Caleb Crain offers to eat Matt Ygelisas' lunch.

- Adam Hooks, at Anchora, defends the mangling of Shakespeare.

- From Houghton's new "You've Got Mail" series, Franklin on electricity.

- Washington University has joined HathiTrust.


- Susan Orlean's Rin Tin Tin; review by Nicholas Shakespeare in the Telegraph.

- Cullen Murphy's God's Jury; review by Samuel Freedman in the NYTimes.

- Frederick Turner's Renegade; review by Jeanette Winterson in the NYTimes.

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