Sunday, September 23, 2012

This Week's Acquisitions

Slightly delayed, since yesterday was a day away from the computer for a hike in the White Mountains, which was lovely. The new books:

- City of Women by David R. Gillham (Amy Einhorn Books/Putnam, 2012). Publisher.

- Lost at Sea: The Jon Ronson Mysteries by Jon Ronson (Riverhead, 2012). Publisher.

- Moriarty in the Stacks: The Nefarious Adventures of Thomas J. Wise by Katharine Greenleaf Pedley (Peacock Press, 1966). Colophon.

- Light on the Book Trade: Essays Presented at the Nineteenth Seminar on the British Book Trade in Honour of Peter Isaac; edited by Barry McKay, John Hinks, and Maureen Bell (Oak Knoll Press, 2004). Colophon.

- Images & Texts: Their Production and Distribution in the 18th and 19th Centuries; edited by Peter C.G. Isaac and Barry McKay (Oak Knoll Press, 1997).

- The Oath: The Obama White House and the Supreme Court by Jeffrey Toobin (Doubleday, 2012). Publisher.

- 500 Days: Secrets and Lies in the Terror Wars by Kurt Eichenwald (Touchstone, 2012). Publisher.

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