Sunday, January 03, 2016

Links & Reviews

- The team working on a census of early editions of Vesalius has launched a website about their project. If you can help them, please do!

- BNF Director Bruno Racine talked to The Hindu about the state of libraries and librarianship.

- John Overholt's find of an uncatalogued manuscript map of the New York-New Jersey border is featured in the NYTimes.

- As Sarah Werner pointed out on Twitter this week, the group studying that treasure trove of unopened 17th-century letters has put together a striking website about their work and the letters.

- January's Rare Book Monthly articles are up: they include the annual report on the top 500 auction prices for books and manuscripts from 2015, a writeup on the first Bergé sale, and more.

- The NYTimes reported on the NYPL's erotica collection.


- Harold Holzer and Norton Garfinkle's A Just and Generous Nation; review by David Holahan in the CSM.

- Peter Daly's The Emblem in Early Modern Europe; review by Maureen Mulvihill in Appositions.

- Tom Holland's Dynasty; review by Dennis Drabelle in the WaPo.

- Mary Beard's SPQR; review by Michael D. Schaffer in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

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