Sunday, January 17, 2016

Links & Reviews

- The New-York Historical Society's institutional archives are being processed, and a partial finding guide is now available.

- A York County, PA court of common pleas ledger from the 1820s was listed for sale on eBay recently: the York Dispatch has a report on the county's attempt to get the ledger back.

- Anchi Hoh writes for the Library of Congress blog about the recent acquisition of an important 15th-century Arabic manuscript on astronomy and mathematics.

- A rare Ottoman atlas from 1803 has been identified in the collections of the National Library of Norway.

- Caroline Duroselle-Melish covers the Folger's acquisitions of printed material and bindings from the Pirie sale for The Collation.


- Josh Spero's Second-Hand Stories; review by Nicholas Lezard in the New Statesman.

- Nile Green's The Love of Strangers; review by Anita Anand in the NYTimes.

- Andrea Wulf's The Invention of Nature; review by Eric Herschthal in the CSM.

- Elizabeth Norton's The Temptation of Elizabeth Tudor; review by Steve Donoghue in the CSM.

- Marta Weiss' Julia Margaret Cameron (catalog to accompany a current V&A exhibit); review by Dinah Birch in the TLS.

- Rebecca Rego Barry's Rare Books Uncovered; reviews by Richard Davies at AbeBooks' Reading Copy, Amy Henderson in the Weekly Standard, and Jenna Lifhits in the Washington Free Beacon.

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