Sunday, September 02, 2018

Links & Reviews

- Next weekend: Brooklyn Antiquarian Book Fair!

- Sarah Mervosh has a report on the Pittsburgh Carnegie Library thefts for the NYTimes. The ABAA has posted an updated list of stolen materials being sought for return.

- From Cait Coker at Sammelband, "Teaching with Letterpress."

- In the London Review of Books, Mary Wellesley on making parchment.

- A great look at Louis Piette's Die Fabrikation des Papieres aus Stroh und vielen andern Substanzen (1838) from the Princeton Graphic Arts Collection blog.

- Over on the Grolier Club blog, a close look at a lovely seventeenth-century embroidered binding.

- September Rare Book Monthly articles include Bruce McKinney's remembrance of Michael R. Thompson and a Michael Stillman report on a Texas comic book theft.

- Conrad Edick Wright writes for the MHS Beehive blog about the history and future of Sibley's Harvard Graduates.


- Nell Stevens' The Victorian and the Romantic; review by Anne Boyd Rioux in the WaPo.

- The Paston Treasure; review by Roderick Conway Morris in the TLS.

Upcoming Auction

- Literature with Books in All Fields at PBA Galleries on 6 September.

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