Sunday, January 05, 2020

Links & Auctions

- The ABAA posts a theft alert from a break-in at Passages Bookshop in Portland, Oregon, where more than 100 books were stolen from display cases.

- In the January Rare Book Monthly, Michael Stillman runs down the top 500 book and paper sales of 2019, Bruce McKinney provides some statistics on recent auction sales and reports on the recent Audubon sale. Here's the full batch of new articles.

- Get the rundown of Public Domain Day 2020 from the Center for the Study of the Public Domain.

- Princeton opened its collection of T.S. Eliot letters this month, after a long embargo. Per Eliot's wishes, Houghton Library released a 1960 letter from Eliot at the same time.

- Lisa Baskin was interviewed for the AbeBooks podcast about her collection and the current exhibition at the Grolier Club.

- The Graphic Arts Collection at Princeton has recently acquired an early-20th-century sample book from the Suffolk Engraving & Electrotyping Company of Boston.

- From Peter Kidd, "A Draft List of the Brölemann Manuscripts."

- Rebecca Romney posted her list of favorite books and objects that passed through her hands in 2019.

- From the Internet Archive blog, "Preserving the legacy of a library when a college closes."

- Karin Wulf had an op/ed in the WaPo in December about the importance of keeping historical records public and accessible.

- A man purchased several original engraving blocks for Alice in Wonderland from a clearance sale for £50, according to media reports.

- Also from Karin Wulf, at The Geyser, "How Style Informed the US Constitution."

- David Levy posted a reflection on his year in collecting.

- From Mary Sarah Bilder, "Madison's Notes Don't Mean What Everyone Says They Mean."

Upcoming Auctions

- Books and Works on Paper at Forum Auctions (online) on 9 January.

- Art & Illustration – Occult & Hermeticism at PBA Galleries on 9 January.

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