Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Bibliothecary's Lists

Using Paul Collins' post about the five books everyone should own as his springboard, Ed at Bibliothecary has been compiling a few lists of his own, which I've been enjoying very much. On Monday he offered "The five books I have yet to tire of that I can pick up and reread at
any time, no matter my mood."

Tuesday brought "
Great books that I have started to read more than once, but for some reason or other did not finish, not because I didn't like the book, just because something interrupted and I moved on to other books and have always regretted not finishing the book, but am sure I will one day get back to reading." Wednesday's was "Writers or books that other people have praised to the high heavens, but I have read and not only think that their work is total crap, but I curse the heavens for the time lost in reading their drivel."

While I might have chosen slightly different works for the Monday and Wednesday lists, I think Ed's got most of them just about right. What will he have in store for us today?

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Ed said...


So what are your five musts, five never finished and five loathed?