Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Yale Law Receives Book-Loan

The Association of the Bar of the City of New York has deposited nearly 1,300 volumes of Roman and canon law with the Lillian Goldman Law Library at Yale Law School, the Yale Daily News reports. Librarian Mike Widener "said the acquisition of the volumes is important because of the wide-ranging effects Roman and canon law have had on shaping modern law in Europe and elsewhere."

The idea for the transfer of the books came from Blair Kauffman, a librarian and professor at the Law School, who is also on the board of advisors for the New York City Bar. He said he started developing the idea almost a decade ago, while on a tour of the Library of the Association of the Bar's basement stacks. ... Kauffman said he proposed the idea of moving the books from the bar association's library to the Yale Law Library a few years ago, and while it was well received, it took time to receive official approval."

After the cataloging process is complete, the volumes will be available to the Yale community in about a year, the paper notes.

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