Sunday, September 17, 2006

To Talk of Many Things

A few short pointers to exciting news and posts from around the book-world:

- The Independent reports that, eh, similarities have been discovered between some lyrics on Bob Dylan's new album and the writings of little-known Confederate poet Henry Timrod. Timrod biographer Walter Cisco says "It's amazing. There is no question that is where it came from. It's too much to be a coincidence. I'm just delighted that Timrod is getting some recognition." Scott Warmuth, a DJ from New Mexico, discovered the connections between Dylan and Timrod ... using the Internet (h/t Shelf Life).

- Joyce at Bibliophile Bullpen points us to some newly-digitized (and free) books on bookbinding, and also has updated the Bibilophile Bullpen Calendar, where she's listing just about every "biblio-ish event" that comes her way. This is a fabulous resource, and many thanks to Joyce for putting it together.

- A thousand-year old manuscript stolen from the Al-AwQaf library in Mosul (Iraq) more than thirty years ago has been returned. It was recovered in 2003 when a man attempted to sell it at a British auction house. The manuscript, which dates back to 1013, is worth at least £250,000. (h/t Shelf Life).

- Paul Collins highlights a few "weird books" this weekend. Incidentally, I'm reading Collin's Banvard's Folly these days and will have some thoughts on that once I finish.

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