Saturday, October 21, 2006

Archives-Wiki from AHA

The AHA (American Historical Association) has started a blog (linked added to sidebar), AHA Today. So far, I'm really enjoying the content. Today they've got a few recommended history web sites, but earlier this week they ran a two-part series on a big project they're working on rolling out: Archives-wiki. Part one focuses on the proposal and the reasons behind it, while Part two gets down to the nitty-gritty of how the wiki is envisioned.

I think this idea has terrific merit and great potential. As the first post notes, "this project will serve three important functions - assisting historians in their research, developing a new network of community within the discipline and with related research fields, while also allowing the Association to work with and promote a new type of technology."

The second post focuses on the various technological and practical considerations that are going into this, including the criteria to be included, the need for some safeguards, and the worry that historians won't participate. As is made clear, this is still in the beginning stages, with many kinks still to be ironed out.

Robert Townsend, AHA's Assistant Director for Research and Publications, is their point-person on this project, and has invited interested folks to contact him with thoughts and ideas. This is certainly something I'll be keeping an eye on!

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