Saturday, October 21, 2006

To Talk of Many Things

Now, a few of the whole bunch of things I meant to/wanted to link to this week and didn't quite get time for:

- Scott Brown at Fine Books Blog had a couple great posts, including one on the selling of advance readers' copies and how it's not illegal, and another on what errors in the production process make books more valuable as compared to completely worthless.

- Joyce at Bibliophile Bullpen posted a list of terms that (some) booksellers have for their, eh, less than perfect customers. Quite amusing.

- Over at LibraryThing, Tim has kicked the addictiveness level up a notch with a new series of "challenge" contests, in which users try to wend their way from one tag to another using only "related tags" (i.e. "Tarzan" to "Iceland", etc.). It's great, but as I commented to him, introducing it in the middle of a semester ... now that's just cruel!

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