Tuesday, February 26, 2008

More on Lorello Theft

Paul Grondahl's got a double-play in the Albany Times-Union today, with a second article providing some context and updates in the Daniel Lorello case. We learn about one specific eBay transaction in which Lorello met with the buyer of a Winfield Scott Hancock CDV in the parking lot of the State Library to hand over the item, and we get comments from respected Civil War historian Harold Holzer, who co-authored an archival guide with Lorello in the late 1990s. Holzer told Grondahl "It was a terrible thing that he did, a sort of rape of the collection, and there has to be some certainty of punishment along with restitution because he violated a public trust."

We also get quotes from several dealers who purchased items from Lorello at ephemera shows. One, Perry Frohne, told Grondahl "Dan ran under the radar because he picked the (expletive) that could make him money, but it wouldn't raise red flags from dealers."

No word yet, so far as I can tell, about when Lorello's next court date is, or any inkling that federal charges could be coming in the case.

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