Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Recent Book-Lists

- My good friends at Colophon Books just released their List 169 (Part I, Part II) - as usual, many excellent books on books.

- Justin Croft has a list of new arrivals [PDF].

- Rudi Thoemmes has 71 new acquisitions, including a five-volume second (and best) edition in English of Pierre Bayle's Dictionary Historical and Critical (London, 1734-38), along with some other noteworthy philosophy titles.

- J.N. Bartfield Fine & Rare Books has their list for the California International Book Fair up; it includes a Cosway-style Sangorsky-bound Rubaiyat and John Abbot and Sir John Edward Smith's The Natural History of the Rarer Lepidopterous Insects of Georgia (London: T. Bensley for J. Edwards, Cadell and Davies, and J White, 1797). This two-volume set contains 104 hand-colored plates of butterflies, caterpillars, food sources, &c.

[Updated to add:

- From the Philadelphia Rare Books & Manuscripts Company, a Valentine's Day catalog of ~45 books relating to "Love, Courtship, Marriage, Sex, & (alas!) the 'Downsides' Thereof."

- Athena Rare Books has their California Fair list up [PDF].]

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