Monday, October 27, 2008

Lincoln Museum Director Arrested for Shoplifting

Richard Beard, 61, the director of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield, IL, has been placed on paid administrative leave after news of three shoplifting arrests came to light late in August. Beard is charged with the theft of $300 worth of neckties from a White Oaks mall Macy's in February of 2007, plus the thefts of box sets of "Seinfeld" DVDs from Target in November 2007 and "House" DVDs from the same Target store in August of this year.

Beard has not yet been charged for the November thefts, but his trial for the August thefts is scheduled for 26 November. The earlier theft from Macy's resulted in Beard's receiving "court supervision" and a $200 fine.

Before becoming director of the ALPLM in late 2006, Beard worked at the New-York Historical Society and the Atlanta History Center.

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